The San Jose Sharks Score Update

For those who love the San Jose Sharks pro hockey team, joining the Hammerhead Booster Club is the best way to show this support, and to be a member of a great organization which really supports the team. The Sharks have been a greatly respected team in the league for several years, and members of the booster club have been supporters of the team from early on, when they just started out in the league.

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The San Jose Sharks Game Schedule

The San Jose Sharks have been a force in the NHL’s Western Conference since they came into the league by way of expansion in the early 1990s. They made their way through an abbreviated 2013 regular season schedule successfully enough to make the playoffs, and they absolutely dominated their opponent in the first round.

The San Jose Sharks game schedule has been relatively light in the past week, because they have been resting after sweeping the Vancouver Canucks 4 – 0. Based on what happens in other Western Conference series, the San Jose Sharks will play one of a

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The Hammerhead Booster Club Membership Info

The Hammerhead Booster Club is the official fundraising committee for the San Jose Sharks hockey team. The booster club has been instrumental in the team’s ongoing existence and takes pride in the fact that they have contributed to the success of one of the best professional hockey teams in the world.

The booster club holds fundraising events all year long. There are a variety of ways that fans can contribute to their favorite local team.

The Hammerhead Booster Club always needs new members to assist with fundraising events. They hold events all over the Bay Area

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Everything You Needed To Know About The Sharks

The San Jose Sharks hail from California and have made some phenomenal plays in NHL history, but did you know that they were the team that almost wasn’t? The history of this professional ice hockey team is one of many ups and downs that many of us who watch them on our Satellite TV just didn’t know about.

It all started in 1967 at the Oakland Coliseum Arena. This arena was home to the Californian Golden Seals, another amazing hockey team. However, in 1974, Gordon and George Gund III became minority owners and the Seals were plucked from the west coast and taken to Cleveland. It was Gund’s hope that he could bring good professional hockey back to the Bay Area and, through the merger, had hoped to get the Minnesota North Stars.

The initial deal did not pan out as he had hoped and it would be almost 25 years before his dream was realized. In 1990, Gund sold what shares he had of the North Stars and washed his hands of that dream in exchange for the chance to develop a new team of his own in the Bay Area. Eventually the name “Sharks” stuck and, ever since, they have performed swiftly and fearlessly on the ice – just like a shark.

The Hammerhead Booster Club Newsletter And Press

The Hammerhead Booster Club is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to the support of the San Jose Sharks hockey team. They also support hockey initiatives in the San Jose area and provide it’s members with opportunities to support both the team and the community through trips to away games to support the Sharks, events, and community service activities.

The Hammerhead Booster Club has several trips planned to upcoming games to support our team. First, to Vancouver on January 21, 2012 where the Sharks will face the Canucks. Next, to Phoenix on March 10, 2012 to watch the Sharks take on the Phoenix

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The Hammerhead Booster Club Events and Fundraisers

The Hammerhead Booster Club is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to the support of the San Jose Sharks hockey team as well as promoting hockey as a sport and entertainment throughout the San Jose area. We do this through the support of local events including; traveling to support and cheer on our team at their away games, creating community events to support the team and the surrounding area, and by giving grants to local non-profits that are also dedicated to support of hockey for all ages in the local community.

There are several events that are scheduled that we

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The Hammerhead Booster Club Code Of Ethics

The Hammerhead Booster Club, official booster club and representative of the San Jose Sharks has a reputation for a strong code of ethics. As a non-profit organization supporting their hockey team and consisting of all-time hockey enthusiasts, they promote the sport of hockey in their area. Through social gatherings, travel opportunities, community outreach, and activiites for its members, they are actively involved in spreading the message about hockey. The club should embrace the North American Booster Club’s code

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About The San Jose Sharks Hockey Team

Finding information about your favorite NHL team, the San Jose Sharks, and keeping up to date with their schedule, players, games, and all stats about the team, is easy to do, when fans use the right resources to get their information. So, for the most up to date, and the most interactive information about the team and the players, fans are going to want to check out the team’s site page. This will offer up to the minute updates, and will give fans all the information they need about

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